White House Announces Audio Descriptions for Public Tours

Great move. However, I wonder if it would be better if the tours were made available online for individual’s to use on their own devices. Many visually impaired users are using smart devices (especially the iPhone with its built-in screen reader). This would also make it great for self guided tour for people with out […]

50+ Reasons to Use VoiceOver

Many Apple users are unaware of the various accessibility features that come built into all Apple products. For example, VoiceOver is a screen reader tool readily available on all Mac OS X products as well as iOS devices. Here are Apple’s 50+ reasons for using VoiceOver: If you’re blind or have low vision, you can enjoy […]

The Blind Shooting The Blind

An OS that ships with a kick-a screen reader yet many developers ignore the basic tenets of accessibility. Next week’s WWDC is a great place to learn the APIs and even learn how not to reinvent the wheel and get something for almost free. There’s no excuse for nearly every third-party application to suck when […]

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