Agents of change, not recipients of change

Accessibility isn’t about accommodations, its about being able to participate in shaping our society. It’s Our Story champions that notion: In using the IOS content to develop media accessibility tutorials and best practices, two critical milestones are met. A people’s history is archived by incorporating 21st Century workforce readiness skills in making the Internet “Accessible to […]

Leveraged Freedom Chair (LFC

Great story on leveraging design for the needs of many. Source : Global Research Innovation and Technology (GRIT) If you are a wheelchair user who lives in a rural area, there’s not really a good mobility aid that allows you to travel a long distance on many types of terrains, but is also small and […]

White House Announces Audio Descriptions for Public Tours

Great move. However, I wonder if it would be better if the tours were made available online for individual’s to use on their own devices. Many visually impaired users are using smart devices (especially the iPhone with its built-in screen reader). This would also make it great for self guided tour for people with out […]

50+ Reasons to Use VoiceOver

Many Apple users are unaware of the various accessibility features that come built into all Apple products. For example, VoiceOver is a screen reader tool readily available on all Mac OS X products as well as iOS devices. Here are Apple’s 50+ reasons for using VoiceOver: If you’re blind or have low vision, you can enjoy […]

Networked lightbulb

Aside from bad jokes about “how many networks does it take to change a light tbulb?”, the implications of networking and comodifying devices, like lightblulbs has important implications for accessibility and Assistive technology. World’s first networked dimmable light bulb Energy-saving, 8W LED bulb shines as brightly as a 60W incandescent bulb Software configurable: link to […]

iOS 6 takes Universal Access to a new level.

Apple’s WWDC event incorporates many new features for many users, including people with disabilities.   Using Guided Access parents can disable on-screen controls so that the child doesn’t accidentally exit the app, single-app mode so Proloquo2Go for example can operate, a teacher administering a test via the iPad, so the l user is locked in […]

The Blind Shooting The Blind

An OS that ships with a kick-a screen reader yet many developers ignore the basic tenets of accessibility. Next week’s WWDC is a great place to learn the APIs and even learn how not to reinvent the wheel and get something for almost free. There’s no excuse for nearly every third-party application to suck when […]

Using Siri to select words and start a car

As in an ear lie post, Getting Siri to work with a radio thermostat, this article highlights the potential applications, such as searching and choosing a word. The ability to open locked doors, close the binds and control heating and cooling (environmental controls) will enable more individuals to operate independently. The consumerization of these technologies will […]

Dexteria – Fine Motor Skill Development

I first discovered Dexteria when I came across the website Apps for Children with Special Needs (A4CWSN).  A4CWSN is a website dedicated to finding, reviewing, and demonstrating how applications can be used for enhancing education and building life skills for children with special needs. Dexteria is an iPad application created to improve fine motor skills […]

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