Resources for Educational Applications

The NATRC has compiled a list of resources for downloading educational applications.  These may be be helpful for using the iPod touch, iPad or iPhone.

10 Revolutionary iPad Apps to Help Autistic Children

Apps for Children with Special Needs (A4CWSN)

IEAR –I Education Apps Review

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Apps for (Special) Education by Eric Sailers

iPod Touch/iPhone App Round Up for Users with Significant Disabilities and Those who Teach Them

Jeremy Brown’s App Recommendations for Students with Autism

Moms with Apps: Apps for Special Needs

Special Needs Apps for Kids (SNApps4Kids)

Spectronics Inclusive Learning Technologies: Apps and Mobile Learning

Speech-Language Pathology Sharing


If you have any other recommendations to add to our resource list, please feel free to email your suggestions to


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