Exploring options at the NATRC

Gary Mokuau is concerned about time. If inclement weather or a missing table get in his way, he's late to class. “It takes more than 15 minutes to get from the engineering building to the business building,” he said. “I'm already late. I can't be getting all set-up in the middle of class.” For Mokuau, [...]

Meet your potential new assistant

Each person has unique abilities and disabilities. The Nevada Assistive Technology Resource Center works with people on an individual basis to find the device that works best for his or her lifestyle. Below are some examples of the devices stocked in NATRC's lending library. iPads and iPods Both Macintosh devices operate via touchscreen and can [...]

Clearing things up: NATRC provides vision-aiding devices

"Oh wow,” Katryna Hemp said as soon as she placed the glass dome over the paper. “I like this.” Hemp, a 21-year-old education major at the University of Nevada, Reno, was reading through the lens of a globe magnifier. Hemp has difficulty seeing and devices, such as the half circle of acrylic that makes up [...]

AdastraSoft reduces the price on its AT software for the iPhone

AdastraSoft has reduced the price on its range of assistive software offerings including HaloTalk: The application may be used as a set of "opposite" flashcards as-is.  However, HaloTalk is designed to facilitate rapid prompting.  Since autistic individual has a tendency to verbally repeat the last word(s) of a question, it is extremely important if visual [...]

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