The other day I was going to the car and I was going to go on the over walk to get to the other side of Virginia street and I ran into these steps to get to the ramp to go on the over walk. So I had to go all the way around by […]

2019 Transportation Summit Presentation

Resources for the Session: Connected, Inclusive and Resilient Placeholder for presentation: Stay tuned, this will contain the presentation content and additional resource links. Connected Being connected implies a two-way conversation, a dialog where people hear, speak and listen while thinking… it is the basis of how we make meaning in our lives. Connecting with people, in […]

How common are disabilities

One of the most common questions we hear is usually “But, how many people have this…?” Many times it comes from people who are being informed about accessibility shortcomings. Yet many people asking the question have a disability and believe they are alone or only a few others share their concerns. So lets use some […]

Seeing the fine print…

Trying to read the text on labels gets harder as we age, its a reality that frustrates many yet many have a -partial solution in their pocket—their smart phone. The best magnifier is just like the best camera, its the one you have with you. iOS 10 has an exceptionally well designed Magnifier that is […]

All Accessible

All Disabilities and Accessabilities


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Inclusive Nevada

Education about universal, accessible and inclusive design