About the NATRC

The Nevada Assistive Technology Resource Center (NATRC) supports collaborative efforts with the community to bring about wider knowledge and adoption of Asssitive Technology in Nevada. The development of a responsive best-practices based network for the delivery of AT services to unserved and under-served populations in Nevada is a high priority. The NATRC is an active member of the Nevada Assistive Technology Council, and is responsible for establishing a new accesible social networking website dedicated to increase knowledge, use and access to Assistive Technology in the state of Nevada. The development of an effective and affordable statewide support and training strategy for AT users is a high priority. The NATRC is actively involved with researchers, developers and manufacturers of AT devices to help create innovative AT solutions.

The NATRC operates a statewide demonstration and evaluation library offering individuals, professionals and students the opportunity to explore of one or more assistive technology devices to assist in decision making regarding device adoption/acquisition. The NATRC Provides assessments, training and demonstrations of Assistive Technology for the Nevada Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation counselors and clients. The project assists with the successful placement of individuals with disabilities in the workforce by matching the appropriate assistive technology device with the needs of the person.

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