Accessibility isn’t about accommodations, its about being able to participate in shaping our society. It’s Our Story champions that notion:

In using the IOS content to develop media accessibility tutorials and best practices, two critical milestones are met. A people’s history is archived by incorporating 21st Century workforce readiness skills in making the Internet “Accessible to All”. IOS preserves the past while supporting the future by creating a pathway to the economic benefits of a fully inclusive Internet.

Source: Community Snapshot

It’s about being able to participate in the new, not being told to wait until its safe, or when more people catch up. Accessibility is about being involved in pulling down the barriers—agents of change not recipients of change.

Having a new mainstream portable device that has great accessibility built-in (but still has plenty of room for improvement) rings hollow when the services you need to use aren’t as accessible as they should be. For a person with a disability, being able to use their technology (emerging or otherwise) means they are in a better position to influence how the technology emerges and that more serves can be accessible.

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