It’s not just Assistive it is Appropriate Technology

The NATRC has championed the idea that AT users need to have access to the appropriate technology not the cheapest. This idea has been embraced by more and more people, especially by the modern workplace. Appropriate Technology gets people involved and active in the modern world, socially and economically.

The unemployment rate last year was 13.4 percent for the 28 million Americans who are deaf, blind or have serious physical, mental or emotional conditions, compared with a 7.9 percent rate for people without disabilities. But a Labor Department survey released earlier this month showed that the number of employed disabled adults jumped close to 4 percent over the past two years, more than the 3 percent gains among nondisabled people.

Source: New Technologies Get More Disabled People Into Workforce (link broken)

Errata: The above link is now broken. We have not been able to find the original linked article from June 23, 2013. A similar AP article from the same day High-tech gains get disabled people into workforce is available at Yahoo.

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