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Its is not just iPhones. The range of iOS devices from iPods to AppleTV are all accessible from the day of purchase. The ethos of universal design (UD) in Apple’s software and hardware engineering is what distinguishes their devices. Training often comes from the people around, visually impaired uses are using the same devices as the people around them. Not only does it lower the learning curve it aslo broadens the potential application of the device. No longer is it assistive technology (AT) but the appropriate tool form many. Now if only the app makers and web sites would think this way.

When visually impaired people gush over iPhones, they swear they aren’t just following the sighted onto the Apple bandwagon. The device isn’t simply the trendy choice for them. It’s pretty much the only choice.

Out of the package, there’s nothing you need to see and no setup necessary. Just turn it on. There are GPS apps to help navigate, count currency and detect color. Meanwhile, the iPhone is competing with Braille, and nonprofit workers in Fort Lauderdale and elsewhere are offering classes on how to use it.

via iPhones preferred choice to help the blind navigate a sightless world – South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com.



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