iAlertTag—keeping tags on modern iOS AAC devices and AT

While iOS devices are relatively inexpensive compared with older AAC devices and pocket devices; they still represent a substantial investment as well as being very important for the user. One solution for the misplaced device is the iAlertTag. It is one of the new Bluetooth 4 accessories that will change the way we communicate with our surroundings.

The iAlertTag is the solution to keep you from leaving your iPhone or valuables behind. The iAlertTag creates a link with your iPhone so that anytime your phone and the tag are separated, both the tag and your phone would vibrate and produce an alarm sound.

• SECURES: The iAlertTag is the solution to keep your iPhone/iPad, and valuables that are attached to the iAlertTag, close to you. The iAlertTag creates a wireless link with your iPhone/iPad.

• ALERTS: If you forget and leave your iPhone/iPad behind, the iAlertTag reminds you by vibrating and/or producing an alarm sound. Or, if the iAlertTag is attached to your keys and you leave your keys behind, the iPhone/iPad will sound an alarm to alert you.

• LOCATES: Forget where you have placed your phone? Simply press the button on the iAlertTag and your phone will sound an alarm. Or if you have misplaced the iAlertTag, press the “Find iAlertTag” button on the app and the iAlertTag alarms with sound and/or vibration.

The iAlertTag is based on the latest Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy technology, so the lightweight compact tag is extremely energy efficient. Under normal usage, the tag can be used for about one year before the need to replace the battery. iAlertTag comes with a free companion app which you can download from the iTunes store. The iAlertTag app allows you full customizations, such as selecting alarm sounds for the tag.

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