Using Siri to select words and start a car

As in an ear lie post, Getting Siri to work with a radio thermostat, this article highlights the potential applications, such as searching and choosing a word. The ability to open locked doors, close the binds and control heating and cooling (environmental controls) will enable more individuals to operate independently. The consumerization of these technologies will make independent living even more cost effective than it currently is. Assistive Technology (AT) services need to recognize the potential and begin working with people to ensure they can be used by people with disabilities as the technology is becoming feasible; not when insurance or funding entities finally respond three or four years later. It is imperative that AT services are involved with the development of these technologies to ensure they remain universally accessible and cost effective.

Other developers have now started using the SiriProxy to do other weird and wonderful things and we now have example videos of two. The first video below shows a developer using the SiriProxy to work alongside his car Viper system.

The second video shows how Siri can be used with third party apps. Using Siri the developer is able to control a PDF application in the same way.


via Siri can now control third party apps and even start your car via SiriProxy | TiPb.

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