Where to get support for iOS devices for the Visually Impaired community

The use of technology in our everyday life is increasing, but not all such technology is created equally. The driving principles of Universal Design distinguishes the iOS devices for the disability community.  These devices, iPod, iPhone, iPad and even Apple TV, have built-in accessibility in the form of VoiceOver.

This is a paradigm shift. Gone are the days when a visually impaired person has to pay more for the screenreader than for the computer. The out of box experience that these devices provide has no comparison. However, we still need to learn how to take advantage of the dHome of the blind Mac user community devices.

The change in technology also brings about a change in the way we provide supports. Here is a brief list of some supports for iOS devices:

  • AppleiOS: Getting started with VoiceOver for accessibility
  • VIPhone: Google Group The Apple IPhone 3GS is not only the first blind / VI-accessible off-the-shelf cell phone, but also the first accessible touch-screen device without adaptive software. This group is for the discussion of the new Apple IPhone as it relates to access in the Visually Impaired community.
  • MacVisionaries: Google Group  Home of the blind Mac user community. More focussed on general issues involving the Macintosh, but support for iOS devices is quite common.

Remember, user driven support is not just about providing/getting support it also about identifying issues and helping to influence how a vendor addresses the needs.