VoCal Voice Reminders

VoCal Voice Reminders (VoCal) is an application used for setting events and reminders on one’s calendar by recording personal voice messages.  The application allows users to record their own voice reminder, title the event, and set the date and time on the application’s calendar.  In addition, users can choose when they would like to be reminded.  They can select whether the notification appears at the exact time of the event or minutes, hours, days, and even weeks prior.  VoCal also has a feature that allows the voice reminders to be synced with the original calendar that comes with each Apple device.

This application can be useful for people with memory impairments, those who often forget to check their calendar, or those who may have difficulty reading and understanding events listed.  The VoCal application allows users to hear the reminders out loud with their own voice.  When a reminder is sent through a notification on the user’s phone, it requires them to touch the “Listen” button.  The user is able to hear the voice reminder, which alerts them to be somewhere or do something at a certain time. However, the newest version of the application allows users to have the reminder automatically play the voice reminder without having to touch the “Listen” button.  This feature can be enabled or disabled under the application’s settings.

As an example, a user may record a voice reminder is about a meeting on Friday morning.  The user can record a message that says something similar to, “Group meeting for English 102 in the library at 11:00am.”  After they have recorded the reminder, they can arrange to have a notification sent one-hour before the meeting time, in which case the notification would appear at 10:00am. Then the user can set another reminder for 30 minutes prior to Friday’s meeting, which reminds them to review their notes previously typed out in the iPad’s Notes application.  These are just a couple of instances that show how users may benefit from setting the voice reminders.

At first, someone who is not familiar with the iPod or iPad may find this application difficult to operate. It may take some practice runs and trial and error to become more successful at setting voice reminders.  Although it may not be the perfect application for someone with memory impairments, it’s something that can help for now.

There are two versions of this application.  The Lite version is free and the full version is $2.99 through the iTunes Apple Store.  Both versions are compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

To explore this application further, please visit the Apple website.

By Kelli-Ann Flynn