People First Board Meeting

With a year left in the 5-year VISTA grant, People First of Nevada voted to continue their collaboration with the Nevada Center for Excellence in Disability (NCED), during their board meeting today.

VISTA workers are paid volunteers that provide self-advocacy seminars and provide support to people first chapters. Each chapter has two VISA workers, one-disabled workers and one non-disabled member.

Santa Perez running the People First board meeting
People First president Santa Perez stressed that the organization must become self-sustainable.

The one time VISTA grant will run out June 2012. People First President, Santa Perez, said People First must become more independent, but will continue to rely on NCED for support during the transition.

“My recommendation is to stay with NCED, but having said that we do have to leave the nest eventually, not now, and maybe not soon, but we really have to start work on being on our own,” Perez said.

NCED will continue to provide administrative support to People First as the group seeks a 2-year $150,000 Nevada Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities grant.

By Clint Demeritt