Nevada AT for Employment Summit Announced

The Nevada Assistive Technology Resource Center announced Thursday its plans to hold the Nevada Assistive Technology for Employment Summit in Las Vegas in September. The announcement came during the Assistive Technology Council’s meeting on Thursday.

The two-day policy  summit will be held for 50 people at the Opportunity Village in Las Vegas.
George McKinlay, the principal investigator for the project, said he wants to form an organizing committee for the summit.
“[The AT summit] is meant to be a state-wide process,” he said.
The internet will be a principal hub of information about the summit but, McKinlay said, local representation will be key to disseminating information.
The first day, he said, will be about setting the scope of possible issues, problems and current commitments. The second day will be how to achieve the goals set during the first day.
One of the issues to be addressed, McKinlay said, is how to assure oversight of assistive technology distribution.
The summit will be funded by a Medicare Infrastructure Grant and various other sources.

By: Wheeler Cowperthwaite