Autism and the iPad

Apple’s iPad has certainly received rave reviews and has been heralded as a harbinger of change in the computer world. The iPad is also playing the role of game-changer in multiple areas relating to people and disabilities. The NATRC has seen the impact first hand; individuals using the powerful Augmentative and Alternate Communication (AAC ) software for speech, and a host of other assistive technology possibilities. The iPad is truly a gateway device, changing the way AT is used and expanding the possibilities across a range of  needs. Multiple stories about Autism and the iPad (as well as the iPhone and iPod Touch) are appearing in the mainstream press, but all the stories have a common theme—the accessibility of the solution.

The NATRC has iPads, as well as some iPodTouches, available for loan now!!!

Well we have a waiting list, and we are shortening the lending time, but if you want to tray the iPad as an AT device fill in a NATRC borrower application and we’ll help you explore the possibilities of this and many other devices. The NATRC AT loan library is only for Nevada residents.

Application form can be found at the NATRC web site

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