The other day I was going to the car and I was going to go on the over walk to get to the other side of Virginia street and I ran into these steps to get to the ramp to go on the over walk. So I had to go all the way around by [...]

2019 Transportation Summit Presentation

Resources for the Session: Connected, Inclusive and Resilient Placeholder for presentation: Stay tuned, this will contain the presentation content and additional resource links. Connected Being connected implies a two-way conversation, a dialog where people hear, speak and listen while thinking… it is the basis of how we make meaning in our lives. Connecting with people, in [...]

How common are disabilities

One of the most common questions we hear is usually "But, how many people have this…?" Many times it comes from people who are being informed about accessibility shortcomings. Yet many people asking the question have a disability and believe they are alone or only a few others share their concerns. So lets use some [...]

Seeing the fine print…

Trying to read the text on labels gets harder as we age, its a reality that frustrates many yet many have a -partial solution in their pocket—their smart phone. The best magnifier is just like the best camera, its the one you have with you. iOS 10 has an exceptionally well designed Magnifier that is [...]

Agents of change, not recipients of change

Accessibility isn't about accommodations, its about being able to participate in shaping our society. It's Our Story champions that notion: In using the IOS content to develop media accessibility tutorials and best practices, two critical milestones are met. A people’s history is archived by incorporating 21st Century workforce readiness skills in making the Internet “Accessible to [...]

VI User Group

NATRC and the NNCIL is offers a user group for people learning how to use iOS devices and to share resources on how to better utilize the most accessible mobile device available. See how using an iOS device can change how you things, allowing you to easily participate in a host of daily life activities. Even [...]

Making electronic and print materials accessible to all!!

There is no doubt that even within the disability field there lacks information and guidance on providing information in a way that is useable by everyone. Here is some decent information on how to actually disseminate things in a universally accessible manner. Note: It is from the UK but it is better than resources that [...]

Enabled Nevada website launched

In a collaboration between the NATRC and the UNR Reynolds School of Journalism the Enabled Nevada website was created to highlight the lives of people that either have or work with disabilities.   The goal, seeking to personalize disability rather than present statistics, involved numerous graduate journalism students and used newer media forms such as [...]

First bilingual voice for AAC

AssistiveWare released version 1.1 of their Proloquo4Text AAC app for iOS which adds the first ever bilingual American Spanish voices. The same voice is used in speaking both languages, allowing bilingual users to maintain voice identity. Voice identity is important developmentally for younger users and Proloquo4Text's two child voices (Emilio and Valeria) are particularly welcome. [...]

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